I recently helped a family business that was struggling to do online sales. Their strategy was not good and they were wasting a LOT of money on ineffective ads. Looking at the problem, I realize their website wasn't optimized enough and did not give the customer the confidence to order on their platform. Their social medias was not updated and their marketing inexistent.. 

First sight on their business, I noticed that their website was not aesthetic and pretty simple. As a regular online buyer, I know that I will never buy a product on a website that I don't trust. I decided to give their online store a better look, to increase credibility for customers.

(this is how their website looked first).

I redesigned the whole website, redo the whole collections (most of the products didn't have any collection/category). Classifying product help the customers to don't be lost and give them the facility of finding the product wanted without having to navigate back and forth on the website. Their website wasn't mobile friendly, so I improved this because as you know, more than 65% of the online traffic on ecommerce website is made from a mobile. If your website is not easy to use for mobile users, you will waste a lot of potential leads.

Now the website is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, with an optimization on the SEO, great start! 

Next step was to improve their social medias credibility. A customer will tend to be more active on website who has a lot of followers on social medias. I increased their by 1000 simply using targeted hashtag, doing some community management improvement and give the customer a real envy to shop on their website. Be active with your community, answer direct messages, comments, and you'll retain customers.


I also improved their engagement rate by using some strategies: post and stories recurrent every day, analyze their competitors. Now their social medias are active, aesthetics, and allow them to have a real credibility online. 

To be seen, you have to show yourself right? It's the same online, you need to increase your online presence by launching your business on other markets like Etsy, Pinterest etc..


We worked together to improve their listings on Etsy, increasing the SEO, using long tail tags, tags, amazing titles. After a month, their sale already skyrocket with more than 200% improvement. We didn't increased the budget, even better: we reduced it.

BEFORE (2).png

Regarding the marketing they used, it wasn't effective at all, a lot of money wasted in Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.. I analyze their market to launch some very nice creative, targeting the RIGHT audience at the right cost. My average ROAS is 3,5 with a low CPM. I always cut down when the CTA is lower than 3%. I also launched some email marketing, because they had a list of hundreds of e-mail that they got from previous sales. We launched some nice ads, on Google, Facebook, Pinterest and the result is here to prove it.

Starting from scratch is never easy, but with the rights moves, it's very easy to increase turnover and generate thousands of leads. Call Erwann for more infos!