Why hiring an employee when the job can be done cheaper by a freelancer?

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What I Do

Ecommerce Services

Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordpress, I can manage all about your online business. From building a website, to increase the SEO of your products, I can make your sales increase no matter what. 


Visuals for your paid advertisement, creatives for your marketing strategies or/and your social medias? I will bring more traffic for your business targeting the right audience with the right design.

Advertising on Social Media

Bringing leads to your website is the most important thing to have a successful business. I can target your best audience via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest, Tiktok and way more!

Social Media Strategy

You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in ads when you apply some easy tips that can increase your followers by hundreds. I can teach you in less than an hour how to skyrocket your visibility online.

Marketing Strategies

Most of the people tend to think that any kind of advertisement is right. It's not. A specific strategy has to be worked to bring you more sales, that's why I'm here for right?

Study Case

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I recently helped a family business that was struggling to do online sales. Their strategy was not good and they were wasting a LOT of money on ineffective ads. Looking at the problem, I realize their website wasn't optimized enough and did not give the customer the confidence to order on their platform. Their social medias was not updated and their marketing inexistent.. 

Hello, I’m Erwann!

Here to take your Online Business

to another level

Born and raise in France, I started working in marketing and ecommerce after a fabulous experience in South-East Asia. Life brought me in Los Angeles in 2018. Since then, I helped hundreds of business to sky rocket their sales online. Now it's your turn!


What People Are Saying

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Erwann's services has reached all my needs by giving my brand a very good look. 

The visual identity he made for me was beyond my expectations, I highly recommend working with him!

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